Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY Sunflower (Mountain Girl Style)

I love homemade things because they are always made with love.  I am starting to think about gifts for the holiday's and want to make wrapping toppers.  These felt flowers will add a little more love to my homemade gifts for friends and family.  
If you want to make these, you will need:
embroidery floss and needle
homemade yo-yo

Cut out your felt, making two flower petals and two circles; one smaller than the other.  Embroider your felt with the blanket stitch. Make a yo-yo (I made a bunch of yo-yo's with scrap fabric about a year ago to have on hand), and then pick a button. 
Stack the petals, felt dots (larger dot below the smaller dot), and then top with the button.
Sew on the button to all layers from the back, and sew the petals to each other like the photo below.
 That's it!  Now you have a felt flower for you, or someone you love.  


  1. These are fun! What a good idea for holiday gift toppers. They would be neat with a magnet added to the back too.

    1. Thank you, Anna! That's a great idea to use them as a magnet as well. I would never have thought of that. :)