Saturday, August 10, 2013

How To Give A Gerbil Medicine

 This is Johnny.  He is our sick gerbil.  Johnny had a very painful, red, swollen nose, so we took him to the vet.  They diagnosed him with dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) and an infection.  We were given an antibiotic to give to him orally, every day, twice a day for two weeks.  

If you ever need to give your gerbil medicine, this is how you do it. :)

These are the syringes and medicine. 
 I pull up the prescribed 1/10 of a cc of medicine.
Get him out of his nest and try to comfort him.  
Put the syringe up to his tiny mouth and slowly push the medicine in.  
Johnny is such a good boy!! 
 Tell him what a good boy he is, put him back in his cozy nest, and give him a treat. 
He is getting so much better!!

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