Monday, August 5, 2013

Lacy Flower Headband (no sewing needed)

This lacy girly headband is so easy to make and a great present for a little girl. 
I used stretchy lace for the headband from Material Girls
White lace from an IKEA curtain
White organic felt from Material Girls
White scrap fabric I had lying around in my craft room
Hot glue gun
Small pearls

Twist, coil, and hot glue the lace, layered with the white scrap fabric, to make a flat rose.  
 Bunch up more lace and hot glue to the bottom edges of the flat flower.  

Glue the flower to the lacy ribbon for the headband.  

Add white felt under the headband to make the headband a little softer for the cute kiddo (The order will be: flower on top, glue, headband in the middle, glue, white felt on the bottom).  

Decorate with the pearls using the hot glue gun.  

I let the mom close the headband since I didn't know the size of the baby's head.  She closed the ribbon so she can loosen it when the kiddo starts to grow.  I thought that was a great idea. 
You can make this a cute gift by attaching the headband to cute scrap booking paper.  
That's it!  Enjoy. :)

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