Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Pfaff 130 (a beautiful antique sewing machine)

 This is my amazing new Christmas present (along with my new camera! Thanks, Matt). My parents bought it from a guy who does Storage Wars.  It came with the sewing table, a light, and all sorts of parts such as; zippers, needles, scissors, and other fun treasures!  

My mom has an antique Singer and found a guy who is an expert at fixing up antique sewing machines.  It didn't need much fixing up but he made minor tweaks to make it work perfectly. 
If you need a sewing machine mechanic in the Salt Lake Valley, contact me and I can give you his info.  

 You can use the foot pedal or the thigh pedal to power the machine.  The photo below is the thigh pedal.  So fun! 
 The machine folds down to make a cute little table.
 These are all the machine replacements, feet and needles.  I love the old packages.  
  The Certificate of Guarantee
 The instruction manual.  I will be using this a lot for the next couple weeks! :)
  These are the fun treasures that came with the machine.  You can tell this lady loved to sew.  It makes me feel connected to her.  

 Check out the prices on these packages.  I wish we could still get zippers and binding for that price! 

 Look at these bomber pinking shears!!  Can't wait to use them. 
This is such a treasure to have and runs so much smoother and quieter than my Brother.  I am so lucky to have parents who care so much to find something this thoughtful.  
I will be using my Pfaff 130 for years and years to come.
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  1. She's a beauty! Can't wait to see the beautiful things you make.

    1. Thanks, Ash! I love this old machine. :)