Sunday, August 18, 2013

Homemade Organic Baby Slippers

My sister is having a baby boy and I am going  to be an aunt.  I can't wait to meet this little guy and spoil him.  We had a shower for her this weekend, so I decided to make her something small.  Slippers to keep his little toesies warm sounded like the perfect gift.  He is due on Halloween.  What a fun due date!  
 These are really simple to make and were the hit of the party.  It's so much fun to imagine tiny feet squirming inside these slippers.  

This is what I used:
Organic bamboo felt (from Material Girls Quilting Shop)
Embroidery floss
Two wooden buttons

I like to make up my own patterns.  I cut out two different shoe sizes at once. 
Make sure the slipper base fits around the sole.
Start embroidering the top of the slipper with blanket stitch, leaving a long tail. 
Blanket stitch all the way around the top of the slipper base, then put the slipper together.  
Continue the blanket stitch, stitching through all three layers.
Finish sewing around the slipper.
Pull the outside thread to the inside and tie off with the long tail you left at the beginning.
After sewing the slipper together I decided to add a button.  I cut a hole where I wanted to the button to go, and reenforced it with the embroidery thread. I then sewed on the button.
  Do the same thing to the other slipper.
Now you have two adorable baby slippers! 



  1. Adorable!
    Think I'll sew some up to have on hand for when a baby gift is needed! Thanks, Jaimey.