Saturday, August 3, 2013

Girls' Weekend In The Mountains

 My mom, sister and I are very close, and love to spend time in the mountains together.  We recently went on a girls' (and dogs) camping trip.    
My sister has a 90 pound golden-doodle named Roots, who thinks he's a lap dog, and I have a min pin (Dorothy) who is very jealous. 
They formed a dog pile on top of me on the way up.   
Once we got up to our site, we set up the necessities for a girls camping trip.
yarn and needles
bear mace (for bears and men)
fly rod
and Mary Jane's Farm Outpost (book)
This is my adorable mom in the background.
Now here are a couple of things I have to have and do to make an amazing girls camping trip:
Relaxing in a comfy hammock
 A nice view of the trees.
 Sleepy puppy to cuddle with.
 A dog to protect your campsite with his best friend, the Zebra. 
 He will even protect you without the zebra. :)
A nice walk to view the wildflowers.

 This is stinging nettle.  Don't touch or rub against this...although I do hear it's great in homemade pesto, but am not sure how to make it without the stinging. :)
 Amazing homemade dutch-oven cooking. 
 Ashley (my sister) made homemade cheese enchiladas.
They were amazing, and I used the blueberry salsa on the side.  :)
A nice sister to clean up dinner after making it. :)
The next morning, I had to craft while up in the mountains, 
 and hug a tree.  Some may call me a tree-hugger. :)
This is my favorite breakfast (Musili soaked in milk) in my favorite tin camping bowl.
 We then packed up and came back home.  It was a short trip, but a much-needed girls' camping trip. It's always so nice to get away for the night to sleep under the stars in the wild mountains.


  1. the most elequent camping iv'e seen. beautiful table,flowers,crafting and a yummy dinner.

  2. Looks like you had a great time camping! Love the table setting.

  3. Thanks, Karen! It's always so nice to be outside and get away for a night. :)