Sunday, August 25, 2013

Farmer's Market Libations, Garlic, and Wild Flowers

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to my local Farmer's Market. 
  I love the social aspect of the market and getting my groceries from local farmers.  Everything is so fresh and grown with love.  

I have a favorite booth at the market called Sugar House Libations.  They make all their own libations, and they are delicious! 
Yesterday I bought Ginger Pear Infused Syrup (Libations). This flavor made an amazing drink.  My neighbor saw me drinking it and had to have one too.  We both enjoyed our drinks out on the front porch. 

I used:
6 ounces water
2 ounces ice
1 ounce Ginger Pear Libations
1 ounce Bourbon Whiskey
4 crushed Raspberries
1 slice of Lime and a Raspberry for garnish


If you've never heard of Libations, it's a three part mix.  One part sugar, one part fruit, and one part vinegar.  You could make it yourself, but I prefer to buy it from Sugar House Libations.  Plus the syrup comes in such a beautiful jug.  They will refund you three dollars if you take it back to them to reuse, but I use my jug to drink out of with a straw.  Works perfect and I've had several compliments on it.  

I also bought braided garlic to go on my front door.  It looks beautiful.  
Alexander Hardy is the one who made my beautiful garlic braid.   He's an artist and farmer in the summer, and a back country ski guide in the winter.  Sounds like a good life!  
There were a couple of booths with beautiful flowers.  
 These are some of the fresh vibrant veggies for sale.  Nummy!!
 Delicious homemade Jam for sale.
These are the beautiful bouquet of wild mountain flowers I bought for my dinning room table.  They are as fragrant as they are beautiful.
After getting home from the market, the weather changed, and in came a beautiful storm.  Oh how I love big rain storms.  
They bring out the wild in me.  
I had to go outside in my red boots to play in the rain.  My dog (Dorothy) was not too happy about the rain.  I took her outside with me anyways.  :) 
What a fun day!


  1. That farmers market is so amazing. I just discovered it myself a few weeks ago. Yum! There is so much variety and so much to chose from.

  2. Jaimey, sounds like a perfect day! I finally live in a town where they have a decent farmer's market and while I love the stuff I can buy, like you I love the social aspect. And I am going to check if the libations peeps have a website because that looks yummy!

    Marie Angelique

  3. Marie,
    I am so happy for you to have a good local Farmer's Market. It makes a difference buying fresh local ingredients verses store bought. I know the Sugar House Libations has a facebook page. It's under Sugar House Libations. Very delicious. Thanks for reading!!

    Jaimey (Fly-Tying Mountain Girl)