Saturday, September 7, 2013

How To Support The Local Food Movement

I love to buy as local as possible and love participating in the Co-op "Bountiful Baskets"
If you've never heard of Bountiful Baskets, it's a volunteer based co-op.  You sign up every Monday for the location of your choice, and pick up your basket on Saturday.  If you want to learn more, visit
Whenever I order from this site, I try to volunteer.  I feel guilty if I don't, plus I love to help.
These are the boxes we unloaded from the big truck.  They are waiting to be counted and dispersed into the baskets.
I was the only volunteer today along with the two site coordinators, so it took longer than usual.  It was a great start to my day though.  I'm extra glad I went! 

These are the filled baskets.  So many beautiful, colorful fruits and veggies.  Nummm...
This is what I got in my pack today...
(The best part; the price for these fruits and veggies were only $15.00. So cheap!)
Stay tuned...I'm going to post some nummy recipes from today's Bountiful Baskets in my next couple of posts.

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