Monday, December 31, 2012

Yo-yo Mama

My mom is my shero.  She has been through so much in her life and has never given up.  She is still so strong, kind, loving and nurturing after all she has been through.  She has taught me so much about life.   One of the precious gifts she has given me is the knowledge to sew. 

I have always been amazed at the time and hard work that has been put into yo-yo art.  My mom and great-grandmother have both made large quilts. They are so beautiful!  I can't imagine the time put into those quilts.

 The one I made for my mom is small, but meaningful.  I used the fabric from my baby blanket (I still sleep with), old scraps of fabric she gave me when I was really young, and new fabrics I have used in recent projects.  It's special to both of us because of the memories in the fabric. 
I made up my own yo-yo design, making each seven pieces to look like a flower with a green center.  I stitched it together in the shape of a snowflake.  It looks great on my parents Victorian sofa. 

The pillows below, I designed, sewed and embroidered for her.

Thanks Kris (mom)!  You are amazing!!!  
I love you.

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