Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dog Bed Made From A Vintage Suitcase

 I have been seeing these adorable dog beds made from vintage suite cases and have been wanting to make one.  I went to the local thrift store, but didn't see any vintage suitcases.  I asked around later that day if anyone had one, and found that my mom had the perfect one.  She had purchased it at a thrift store and was going to get rid of it.  
It had a musky smell, so I sprayed some fabric cleaner on the inside and set it outside for a couple of hours.  I then traced the suitcase on a on a piece of soft fleecy fabric and sewed it into a pillow.  I placed the new pillow in the bottom of the case, put Dorothy's favorite toys in the pouch, and put her inside.  She hasn't moved in over two hours.  She loves it, and so do I! 


  1. I love it! Wonder if we could find a suitcase big enough for Roots ;)

  2. Maybe the D.I. Would have one? :). That would be fun to try and find one. It would have to be very large.