Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Weekend Of MaryJane's ChillOvers and Benches

It was a fun weekend cooking up MaryJane's ChillOvers
 and crafting a beautiful bench.  

I recently purchased MaryJane Butters ChillOver powder since she makes it look so good in her books.  Her ChillOver Powder is like gelatin, but is cruelty free and made with a variety of sea vegetables.  Thank goodness for her persistence in perfecting the ChillOver powder because it makes amazing desserts!  
 This is my ChillOver tea party.  I set it up in my Longaberger sewing basket. :)  It's made with ChillOver powder and Izze Sparkling juice.  The carbination stays in the ChillOver tickling your tongue when you put it in your mouth.  It's amazing!  It set up in tea cups.  Makes for a perfect "Chilled" tea party on a hot day.  It was a huge hit!  
If you want to purchase some of her ChillOver Powder for yourself, click here
This is another ChillOver chocolate dessert I made this weekend.  My family said they want me to make it for every birthday and family party. 
 I think they liked it ;) 
My beautiful, sweet mom is in the pink.

I also made an adorable bench during the weekend with the help of my dad and his shop.
(This is a photo of the worlds best dad and cutest nephew)
   The instructions are in "MaryJane's ideabook, cookbook, lifebook" on page 365.  It made me feel very accomplished after making it, and only took a couple of hours.  
I could read MaryJane's books everyday and not get sick of them.  They make me feel at home.
She grew up in Utah, the state were I live, and she grew up on a farm.  
I am a farm girl at heart and dream of living on an organic farm with a big tractor.   
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love your bench and the chocolate dessert was AMAZING :)