Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taco Tuesday!

Day four of Bountiful Baskets
I feel a little under the weather, so I decided to make something very easy and healthy.
 Today's inspiration is from someone at my work.  Taco Tuesday is something they make every Tuesday without fail! 

This is what I used: 
  1. one head of red leaf lettuce, chopped small enough to spoon
  2. one tomato, diced
  3. one leek, diced
  4. Harmon's black bean and corn salad
  5. Two Harmon's taco bowls
The hardest part of this meal is washing, drying and chopping the lettuce.  It's very simple, and I finally used up my lettuce (something I used to waste every week with Bountiful Baskets).  

Chop and dice all ingredients, but the shell. Mix the leek with the lettuce.  Put the black bean and corn salad in the taco shell first, add the lettuce and leek mixture, topped with diced tomato.  I used raspberry vinaigrette for the dressing, Matt didn't use anything.  
This meal is so fresh and flavorful! 

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