Monday, February 18, 2013


This is Dorothy.  She is my new best buddy.  

When I am sad, she is there to pick me up. When I am happy, she is there to enjoy the moment with me. When I have no motivation, she is there to tell me to go out and walk. 

I grew up with dogs and have grown to love their companionship.  The past ten years, I haven't had a dog and have felt a void in my life.

Matt and I went to Trolley Square on 1/25/2013.   We walked in the animal shelter at Trolley Square, admired the dogs and then started to leave.  On our way out we looked at the last cage and saw a sad tiny black dog hiding behind a boxer.  She was in the same cage as the boxer.  The tiny dog was shaking and looked so sad.  I had to pet and comfort her, and when I did, she started to calm down.  That's when Matt and I fell in love.  She had to come home with us. 

These are from the day we adopted her.  As you can see, both her and I are smiling.
Dorothy fits in very well. 

 She hangs out with Bella.
 She loves to work out with Matt and I.  Dorothy is really good at yoga, especially downward dog. 
 She works hard, plays hard and knows when to relax. :)
  I've had Dorothy for about a month now and can't imagine my life without her, but Dorothy is not what I expected.  I always imagined myself having a large, male dog that I bought from a breeder.  

I now think the pound is an amazing place to adopt a new dog or any animal you are thinking of getting.  The animals are so appreciative and loving.  They may need a little bit of work from the trauma of their past, but it's worth it.  Dorothy is perfect.  

Dorothy has her own Facebook page.  If you want to check it out, go to Dorothy's Facebook.

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