Saturday, October 26, 2013

Upcycled Tea Light Candle Holder

These DIY tea light candle holders are upcycled from cans of veggies.  They are so
easy to make, plus they look beautiful in the mountains for us mountain girls.

 Ladies (and gentlemen), get out your tool boxes!  
You will need: 
tin can (frozen)
screwdrivers with different tips (phillips, flat)
hard surface to work on
 metal wire
I saved some cans, cleaned them out, and took off the labels. 
  I filled them with water and froze over night.  
 If you try to punch holes in a tin can that's not frozen, it will dent and bend.
Clean the ice and precipitation from the outside of the can with a towel.   
Use a Sharpie to mark the holes.
Lay the can on a hard surface and hammer away.  This is my favorite part!  You get to release some anger and be creative.  :)
 This is what it will look like after the holes are punched in. 
Make two holes near the rim of the can, across from each other.  This is where you will insert the wire handle.
Place the tin in a bowl to let the ice melt.  
Fold the wire in half to decide how long you want your handle to be, then cut. 
Attach the wire. 
I used this tea light. 
 Place the candle in the tin.  Be careful not to burn yourself when you light the candle.  The tin will get hot.  
Use the handle to carry the tin after it's been lit. 
Have fun crafting these up.

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