Sunday, October 6, 2013

Places to Visit on Halloween in Park City, UT

This weekend my mom, sister and I went up to Park City for a girls' getaway.  Two places we had to visit were the Glenwood Cemetery and Atticus Tea House.
If you are going to be near Park City on Halloween, make sure to visit these two places.

Start out with a beautiful breakfast and tea.
Atticus is my favorite tea house and used bookstore.  It's located at the base of Main Street in Park City, UT.  They sell funky cards, bags, used books, coffee, and have a huge selection of loose tea.  I have to go to this shop every time I visit Park City.   You can also order their tea online at
Next, visit the Glenwood Cemetery in Park City, UT.   This is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit this time of year with the golden leaves and a blanket of snow.   
This is not a place for play!  A couple of months ago a child was playing on a gravestone.  The gravestone fell on top of the child and killed him.  Go to this cemetery with caution and respect. 
Park City used to be a mining town, and some of the gravestones date back to the early 1800s.  This is my great-great aunt Goldie H. Yates' gravestone.
 My mom was wearing the perfect boots and tights for spooky photos.  
 This is the entrance of the cemetery.  I love how rustic and earthy it is. 
Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's a cozy, beautiful time of year and you get to be someone or something you have always dreamed of being for that one day.  
If you are ever in or near Park City, UT, look up Atticus Tea House and the Glenwood Cemetery.

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