Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quiet Time In American Fork Canyon

Today I went up American Fork Canyon to get some peace and quiet.  The peace ended with a frantic mom yelling for her son to get out of the canyon road, but it was really nice up until then. :)  Do you remember when you were a kid and the days seemed to never end?  Well today is one of those days.  These days don't come often enough!  
While I was laying in my hammock eating homemade truffle popcorn with Dorothy, I wrote this in my journal.  

"As I'm laying in my hammock secured to two trees, I can feel the mountain breeze gently pull the stress out of me.  
I'm swaying back and forth feeling the tension release with every swing.
Off in the distance, birds are dancing in the tree tops.  The river is gracefully dancing.  The leaves are singing a song to me.
Makes me think of the quote by John Muir: "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.  For natures peace will...."
A little boy just ran into the road and a frantic mom is screaming and running after him.  She let him go on his own for about ten minutes and when she went to look for him she found him playing in the road.  She is yelling at him while he slowly walks behind her with his head hung low.

I am super distracted now so I'm going to tat."

Take some time to relax in nature.  There's nothing quite like it! 
What a perfect day.  Once I got home from the canyon, Matt and I had veggie burgers with spicy sweet potato fries and sweet sun tea. 
We ate out on the back patio.  What a beautiful evening!

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