Monday, February 17, 2014

The Art of Tatting

I recently picked up tatting and wanted to share the art of tatting with you.
I have been trying to find out more about the history of tatting, but it seems no one really knows for sure.  There are many theories out there of how it first started.  There is one belief that sailors started tatting.  They used the same type of knots used in tatting for their nets and unique knots.  They would tie a masterpiece of knots to give to their girlfriends and wives when they got back from being at sea. 
For more information about the history of tatting, check out Wikipedia

I learned needle tatting from a video called "Learn the Easy Art of Needle Tatting and More".  It's made by Barbara Foster and is a funny video to watch.  They sure do love their tatted collars and tatted angels.  :)  Barbara is a great teacher though.  I tried to learn by reading a book, but it was too hard to get the concept by looking at a page.  I had to see it done.  
The only knot used in tatting is the double knot
 and to make a picket or a loop, you just leave a space between the double knot.  
 It looks really complicated, but is very simple.

 Here are a few things I have made over the past two days. 

This is my favorite.  It reminds me of an Irish pendant.
 My butterfly
 This is going to be a headband.
These are my new earrings. 
Tatting is so much fun and is such a beautiful art.  If you ever find yourself sitting, not knowing what to do, pick up a tatting needle, some thread and tat away. :)

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  1. I love to see this. My Great Grandmother and Grandmothers always tatted. the most dainty lace as they would call it. Beautiful work. Yours is beautiful. thank you for sharing this beautiful old timey craft..