Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 10 Reasons To Workout In The Morning

I've always been a morning person.   As a child I had an internal alarm clock of 6:00 am.  I would roll out of bed with my PJ's on, put on my red cowboy boots, and go work in the yard with my dad.  
 I now work as an assistant to a general surgeon and need to be very focused all day.  A good morning workout is a necessity for my job and my sanity.
These are my top reasons for working out early in the morning.....
1-   You kick-start your metabolism early on in the day.  
2-   You are more likely to make healthy food choices during the day.
3-   You are more likely to loose weight and keep the weight off.
4-   Your workout is done before you even start the day.  Most the time I forget I worked out once I get home from work.  It's so nice!!    
5-   Waking up early is much easier if you do it everyday.  I now have an internal alarm clock of 5:30 am.  I get so much done during the day! 

6-   Falling asleep is easier, and the sleep is much deeper than working out at night.  Exercise increases your heart rate so its harder to get to sleep if you workout at night, rather than in the morning.   

7-   Feel good hormones and endorphins are released, making you happier and giving you more energy throughout the day.

 8-   Your mind and body is fresh and energized in the morning, allowing you to get a better workout and burn more calories. 

9-   You are done early in the morning so you don't have to worry about fitting in your workout during the day.    
10-  It's easier to stick with, and achieve your fitness goals.

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