Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vegetarian and Vegan Substitutes

Vegan cooking is sometimes difficult when your favorite recipe calls for eggs, milk, or butter.  Well, here are some vegan substitutes that may help.

I am not vegan, but my boyfriend is, so I have learned to cook meals that both of us can enjoy.  The transition has not been hard and I feel healthier when I am eating a vegan diet. 

Soy milk or Almond milk  
1 cup milk = 1 cup soy or almond milk

Heavy cream
Coconut cream
1 cup soy milk with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Let the soy milk and lemon juice sit for 5 minutes.

Sour cream
Plain soy yogurt

Cream cheese
I love Tofutti's cream cheese.  It tastes like cream cheese, but is a little sweeter.  
(Tofutti also makes a bomber ice cream sandwich) 

Coconut milk with lemon juice.

Tofu scramble for scrambled eggs.
Eggs are used as a binding agent in baking.  
These act as a binding agent:
Flax meal and water
1 egg = 1 tablespoon flax meal mixed with 3 tablespoons water.


Earth Balance veggie butter or other brands of veggie butter.  
Canola oil; 1 cup butter=3/4 cup canola oil

Chicken broth
Use veggie broth

crumbled soft tofu can replace ricotta cheese
medium firm to extra firm tofu, crumbled  
Nutritional yeast replaces Parmesan cheese.  
Nutritional yeast is non-active yeast.  Be careful not to buy brewers yeast or active yeast.

I love to use extra firm tofu in veggie burgers.  I mix bread crumbs, extra firm tofu, catchup, mustard, chopped onion, salt and pepper and what ever else sounds good to make a perfectly firm tofu burger.

Vegan meat
Yves makes good substitute meat such as ground beef, hot dogs, chicken strips, beef strips, bologna, Canadian bacon, and more.  I have tried other brands, but this one is my favorite.  Many people wonder why you eat meat substitute if you don't like meat.  Well, some are vegan because they do not want to harm animals or want to live a healthier life.   Substitute meat is low in calories, and high in protein.  

If you have any suggestions or new ideas, I would love to hear your feedback. 


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