Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter Wreath

This is a super-easy and pretty cheap wreath made from burlap.  

 Supplies you will need:

burlap 4" wide (you can use a 4" burlap roll, or purchase it by the yard and cut 4" strips...they have really fun colors at the craft stores)

wire (you can use a hanger, flower wire or any wire you can find that is strong enough to hold its shape)

tape (to connect the wire ends)

colored burlap (optional)

ribbon (optional)

glue gun or craft crazy glue (if you want to make the flowers)
 You might also want a kitty to assist you, and...
a boyfriend to dance in front of you. :)
 To make the wreath, take two wires and tape two of the ends together, leaving the other two ends to thread the burlap.
Thread the burlap.  Be creative with this.  You can fold, twist or make up your own creation (I like to twist the burlap).
Once you have the fullness you want, tape the two free ends of the wire together.
I like to add color to my wreath by adding burlap roses.
First you cut about six inches of colored burlap and then fold in half.
 Fold one end of the halved strip to make a point.
 Start rolling the strip while folding to make the shape of a rose.
Fold and then glue the loose end of the burlap strip down to keep the shape of the rose.
Then add a tie, and I like to add a bow.  Be creative and add your own finishing touch.
Have fun making your own winter wreath!!

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