Monday, November 26, 2012

Kids Love Tiny Tin Critters

My mom gave me a tin of mints for my birthday.  When she gave the box to me, she said my dad really wanted to try them because they were supposed to be really spicy (he loves spicy food).

 I opened up the tin and to my surprise, the tin did not contain cinnamon mints, but a bedroom with a kitty and her teddy bear. 
 I took the mint box to work, as I usually do, to show off my mom's creativity.  My friend at work wanted one for her grand-daughter and I told her I would love to try making one.  It was so much fun to create and cost less than five dollars for the whole thing.  I used a Newman's Own mint box, embroidery floss, scrap material from previous projects, and felt.  

 When I asked Pam what Ayla's favorite toys or animals were, she said bunnies and unicorns.  I didn't know how I could make a unicorn, so I created this bunny and its teddy.

 Fluffy bunny tail
 Reversible and removable blanket, mattress, and pillow.
 I glued down a piece of flannel to make the bottom of the tin seem comfy for her critters to sleep in.

When I got to work the day after Ayla received her gift, Pam said Ayla had a meltdown because she could not find her bunny.  She said a couple of minutes later Ayla found her bunny in her dress and was happy and playing again. 

I love that kids can enjoy such a simple, homemade toy.  

After I made the tin I wanted to create little critters.  I made my cat, Bella, a tiny kitty.  The felt creature slides perfectly across the wood floor to simulate a running mouse.  She loves chasing after it.  I couldn't find the tiny kitty to take a photo.  I think she slid it under a piece of furniture. 
I also made a green lizard.
It's fun to start with just a scrap of material and create tinny critters that seem to have such personality.  


  1. These are so cute! I love the little lizard. Bet Roots would love these since his favorite things are kitty toys :)